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What is Dermatographia or Skin Writing?

February 19 2021

What Is Dermatographia?
Also classified as skin writing, this condition appears when individuals scratch their skin and prominent red markings reminiscent of lines or bruises appear shortly thereafter.

Researchers cannot definitively say what causes dermatographia. Some facets of the medical community suggest the condition might be an abnormal immune system response manifesting in skin reactions. That said, scientific professionals have been unable to trace the issue back to a specific allergen. However, health experts do believe the condition could be triggered by specific actions, such as rubbing one's skin against clothes or linens. In a certain percentage of instances, the ailment develops following specific illnesses, physical or emotional stress, or the ingestion of drugs like penicillin.

Risk Factors
Though any age group can be afflicted, teens and younger adults stand at greater risk. Additionally, persons with skin conditions are considered more probable to develop dermatographia.

Vistoso Medspa, in Oakville, urges you to be aware of dermatographia's symptoms, which often include skin inflammation, redness, the appearance of large, seemingly drawn lines, welts, and moderate to severe itching. In an appreciable number of cases, the aforementioned physical manifestations present within several minutes of a stricken subject scratching or rubbing their skin. Fortunately, episodes are usually short-lived and last for no more than 30 minutes. Occasionally, however, the ailment emerges at a more deliberate rate and lingers for longer durations.

Potential Treatment Options
Fortunately and typically, dermatographia incidents dissipate on their own and do not require treatment. That said, severe presentations might be alleviated by over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines. Untoward itching might be eased through the application of various skin preparations.

Prevention might prove difficult. However, individuals might reduce their chances of developing the condition by refraining from scratching dry or itchy skin, not rubbing their skin against clothing or bed linens, avoid bathing with abrasive soaps, and keeping their skin moisturized. Luckily, most cases of dermatographia are mild and disappear quickly.

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