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Post Covid-19 Instructions

June 24 2020

Post Covid-19 Instructions

Post Covid-19 Instructions

All our safety protocols take your well-being and comfort at the clinic, to ensure your experience is a positive one. When you visit, we ask that you respect the safety protocols we put in place to protect you and our teams, in addition to respecting physical distancing and the pathway in place. We are learning new routines while continuing to do what inspires us-offering you the best of medical aesthetics-with kindness and compassion.

We are not servicing any walk-in patients, not allowing visitors or children to accompany any patient, taking temperatures and not treating any patients with temperatures over 37.3°C, and scheduling appointments with a buffer of 15 minutes between patients and as a result all patients must be on time in order to be seen. Otherwise they will be added to the waiting list. There will never be more than one employee and one patient in a room together and no more than one patient in the waiting room. When you arrive for your appointment, you can text us from your car and we will let you know if it's time to enter the clinic base on the number of patients currently in clinic. We have moved all reading material from our waiting rooms. All bed sheets will be changed after each patient following a full cleaning of the treatment bed using disinfectant. All chairs and table tops in the waiting room as well as treatment room will be wiped down between patients, including counters, phones, keyboards, and door handles. Our credit/debit card terminal will be disinfected after use and we encourage touch-less options for payment.

We ask all patients to wear masks before entering the clinic. We will be providing hand sanitizers. We'll have shorter business hours to accommodate the extra time needed for above extra steps between patients.

Can't wait to see you all...

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